We’ve Come Home at Last: The Journey Back to Broadway

Oct 8, 2021 | Hospitality, Opening

It’s been quite a long road since we last walked out of our stage doors in March of 2020.  What we thought would be a two-week “vacation” turned into almost 15-months of quarantine and uncertainty.  There seemed to be no end in sight, but we still had each other.   From virtual happy hours to a Zoom Holiday Talent Show (and plenty of rounds of “Among us”), we, here at Sweet Hospitality Group tried our best to keep hope alive and our connections intact.

And then in May of 2021 like a bolt of lightning, we were told our doors would be reopening, and soon!  The excitement was palpable, and everyone jumped back in without missing a beat.  Our field staff converged on Broadway from far and near to get the theatre reopened and the drinks flowing.

When the doors were reopened for the first time to ticketholders on June 26th, 2021, our smiles were visible beneath our masks, and we were ready to enhance the experience once again!

We learned a lot preparing for that day that helped us navigate the following months as more shows began to reopen. Stay tuned for a follow up blog entry where we share some of what we’ve learned and how we’ve adapted now that Broadway is officially back.

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