A Whole New World: Providing Sweet and Safe Hospitality as Broadway Returns

Oct 22, 2021 | Hospitality

After 18 months of isolation with public gatherings restricted, SHG approached the return to theatre with equal parts relief, exhilaration and caution. As a forward-facing business, it was important for us to create a roadmap to guide us back. How do we bring our signature SHG style and hospitality into a new world of PPE and social distancing?

We spent the months leading up to reopening researching new technologies and brainstorming adapted styles of service. These solutions needed to benefit our staff, clients and guests alike. The number one mission was to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our plan also needed to balance keeping people safe and alleviating apprehensions of returning to large gatherings with continuing to offer the highest quality service.

We ordered cases of black KN-95 masks and extra cleaning supplies. We adjusted our bar displays to allow for plexiglass dividers to limit product handling. And our staff, who were integral to this entire process, practiced “smiling with their eyes”. Every person entering the theatre needed to feel the warmth of the smiles behind their masks.

We implemented a brand-new mobile ordering system at all points of sale. Guests can now scan a QR code to order and pay hands-free (and skip the line)! We also installed new touchless credit card machines. In this process, we’ve noticed cash sales are more and more becoming a thing of the “before times”.

It’s been amazing to see firsthand how NYC and Broadway have come back to life. Walking through Times Square seeing both tourists and New Yorkers with our reusable souvenir cups in their hands feels sweeter than it ever has!

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