The Little Things You Do Together (or Not): How Do You Prefer to See a Show?

Nov 12, 2021 | Featured, Opinion

Should I see a show by myself or with company? That is a question that I often find myself asking when I’m itching to see a Broadway show.

As an introvert, I generally prefer the former. I find there is nothing more comforting than sinking into my seat as the curtain is about to rise and zoning out all the people around me. I’m in my own bubble – it’s just me and the actors on stage. I revel in the fact that I don’t have to worry about what the person sitting next to me thinks of me and my emotional responses to the show. I probably won’t see them again after the show, so why should I? Take Dear Evan Hansen for example. I have seen it alone many times and have always ugly cried my way through a large part of the show—it’s so cathartic!

On the contrary, there are certain shows that simply must be seen with company. Moulin Rouge, for instance, is one of those shows. I saw their re-opening night with three of my best friends. We dressed up to the nines in color coordinated suits and dresses. We took the Al Hirschfeld Theater by storm and partied the night away in our seats – with fabulous cocktails from our bar, of course! It was one of the best times I’ve had at the theater.

In the end, whether you like to see a show by yourself or with company, enjoy the moment. These performances are months and years in the making. The actors have studied their whole lives to get to this point. They deserve your undivided attention – and applause.

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